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The Team

Meet The Robbie Team


Ron Smale

Past Chair

Mike Ellis



Registrar (SSA)

Sue Prohaska

Tournament Director

Ron Smale

Match Offical Coordinator

Les Wong

Festival Director

Louise Garneau-Ross

Marketing Directors

Elijah Choudhary
Nicholas Tassie

Hospitality Director

Vincy Angelone

Equipment Director

Don Fletcher


Julia Prohaska

Program & Media Kick-off Director


Discipline Director

Alan Field

Honorary Chair

Dwayne De Rosario


Meaghan Bax

Festival & Tournament Administrator

Festival & Tournament Administrator

Candice Reinders

The Robbie Volunteers

Cystic Fibrosis Canada

Nikki Reaume

Tournament Weekend

Joanne Fletcher

Festival & Tournament Weekend

Jace Prohaska

Metroland Media (Scarborough Mirror)

Rohit White

Media Relations

Glenn Sutherland

Club Volunteers
Scarborough Soccer Association

Canadian Titans S.A

Clair-Westview S.C

East York S.C

North Scarborough S.C

Olympic Flame S.C

Scarborough Azzurri S.C

Scarborough Blizzard S.C

Scarborough National Malvern S.C

Scarborough Rangers S.C

Scarborough United Women’s S.C

West Rouge S.C

Wexford S.C

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