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The Robbie Tournament

June 29th – July 1st

Team Particulars

The Details
  • Registrations close May 15th, 2023 or as divisions reach capacity – Whichever comes first. (Divisions fill up quickly. In previous years, some divisions have closed weeks before the registration deadline).
  • Registration does not guarantee acceptance. Acceptance is confirmed on a first come basis when:
    • Your team’s payment is received by The Robbie, AND
    • Your team’s approved permission to travel document is uploaded to your GotSport account,
    • When teams have submitted all required documents, teams will be accepted in groups of 4.
Official Team Roster

All teams must upload a district/federation-approved Official Team Roster that includes:

  • Federation Logo (i.e. Ontario Soccer Logo if an Ontario team)
    Name of Team
  • Age Group
  • Players – Name, Date of Birth, Player ID
  • Team Officials (coaches/managers) – Name and ID number
Game Format & Duration

Game Format: 11 vs. 11

  • Minimum three scheduled (3) games (2 Games Day One, 1 Game Day Two).
    • U13 & U14 – 50-minute games as per Ontario Soccer policy
    • U15, U16 & U17/18 – 60-minute games
  • Quarter Finals are played on Day Two.
  • Semi-Finals are played on Day Two or Day Three.
  • Finals are played on Day Three.
    • U13 & U14 – 80-minute games
    • U15, U16 & U17/18 – 90-minute games
Online Team Check-In

All teams must enter the following information into their GotSport account prior to 5:00 pm June 15th, 2023.

  1. Enter the tournament roster. Mandatory player information required: name, date of birth, registration number and jersey number.
  2. Enter team officials (maximum four). Mandatory information required: name and registration number.
  3. Upload current approved roster for the team from their provincial, state or national association.
  4. Call-up players: Upload the current approved team roster to which they are registered.
  5. Upload for Guest Players a Temporary Eligibility Permit for each player as per Ontario Soccer Rules and Regulations or equivalent as per their governing body.

Note: ANY roster change requests made after June 22 will be subject to a $50 fee and can only be done in person on July 1 at tournament headquarters by appointment only. Payment must be made in cash as credit card payments will not be accepted. No roster changes will be made after 8:00pm June 30. No exceptions.

Failure to complete all steps may result in dismissal from the Tournament and forfeit of team’s entire registration fee.

Permission To Travel

All teams must upload a district/federation approved Permission to Travel (not required for Scarborough District registered teams) that includes:

  • Federation Logo (i.e. Ontario Soccer Logo if an Ontario team)
  • Name of Team
  • Age Group
  • Name of event (The Robbie International Soccer Tournament)
  • Date of event
  • Approved By District notation
Teams Accepted

This is an international event. All elite teams registered and in good standing with their FIFA-affiliated association are invited to apply.

The Robbie is designated as a “Selected Charitable Tournament / Festival” by Ontario Soccer Association. The Tournament is open to teams from anywhere in the world and to Ontario Registered Academies (ORA).

The Tournament regularly features some of the strongest teams from Ontario and beyond. Please note that Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) teams may not enter The Robbie (2023) at this time.


20 players maximum

  • 18 Dressed In A Game – No exceptions
  • 4 staff maximum – No exceptions
On-Field Team Check-In – Day One of Tournament
  1. One (1) hour prior to the team’s first game, a team official must report to the Field Convenor to pick up their approved team roster (kept by the team for the entire tournament), wristbands and team welcome package.
  2. Every player and team official must present a player book/card with their photograph duly authorized by their provincial, state or national association, or a passport.
  3. At the discretion of the Feld Convenor this process may be repeated prior to subsequent games as well.

Tournament Fees

Early Bird


Until February 28th



After March 1st

Application Steps

Age DivisionBirth YearFormatMaximum Roster
U13Born January 1, 2010, and later11 vs 1120
U14Born January 1, 2009, and later11 vs 1120
U15Born January 1, 2008, and later11 vs 1120
U16Born January 1, 2007, and later11 vs 1120
U17/U18Born January 1, 2005, and later11 vs 1120

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