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The Robbie Festival

June 22nd – June 23rd

Presented By Toronto FC

Team Particulars

The Details
  • No scores, no standings.
  • Participation mementos for all players and team officials.
  • Parade of teams – (U8, U9 & U10)
  • Special events and soccer activations to be announced.
  • Registrations close May 15th or as divisions reach capacity – whichever comes first. (Divisions fill up quickly. In previous years, some divisions have closed weeks before the registration deadline).
  • Registration does not guarantee acceptance. Acceptance is confirmed on a first come basis when:
    • Your team’s payment is received by The Robbie, AND
    • Your team’s approved permission to travel document is uploaded to your GotSport account.
Official Team Roster

All teams must upload a district/federation-approved Official Team Roster that includes:

  • Federation Logo (i.e. Ontario Soccer Logo if an Ontario team)
  • Name of Team
  • Age Group
  • Players – Name, Date of Birth, Player ID
  • Team Officials (coaches/managers) – Name and ID number
Applications, Terms & Conditions
  • Payments will be deposited immediately upon receipt.
  • If payment is refused by credit card or bank, team application may be revoked and a $50.00 CAD administration fee will be billed to the team.

1) Applications will be reviewed by The Robbie before any team is accepted.

2) Although registrations close May 15th, divisions may reach capacity sooner as divisions fill up quickly. In previous years, some divisions have closed weeks before the registration deadline.

3) Teams are required to upload documents in PDF format to My GotSport account

  • Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance. Failure to upload district/federation approved Permission to Travel AND a district/federation approved Official Team Roster prior to a division reaching capacity, may result in non-acceptance regardless of application and payment date.
  • If an application is not accepted, the team will be notified and receive a full refund.
  • If a team is accepted and withdraws after May 15th no refund will be issued – no exceptions will be made.

The Robbie Event Roster must be inputted into GotSport by June 8th. Changes to rosters will not be permitted after June 15th for any reason.

Note: The Robbie Event Roster is separate from the Official Team Roster. This will be used to generate game sheets.

  • All team officials who will sit on the bench are required to present their coaches’ and managers’ valid books/ID cards/passes to the field convenor prior to team’s first game. No exceptions will be made.
  • At least one team official is required to present a valid book/ID card/pass to the field convenor in order for a team to be able to participate. Failure to have the required documentation will result in the disqualification of the team and no refund will be given.
  • The Robbie will do its best to have teams play within the level they have requested, however, The Robbie reserves the right to combine levels if necessary.
  • It is the team’s responsibility to ensure that they have registered their team in the correct division.

No team will be allowed to change divisions after May 15.

Permission To Travel

All teams must upload a district/federation approved Permission to Travel (not required for Scarborough District registered teams) that includes:

  • Federation Logo (i.e. Ontario Soccer Logo if an Ontario team)
  • Name of Team
  • Age Group
  • Name of event (The Robbie Festival)
  • Date of event
  • Approved By District notation
Team Check-In

All teams must complete the online check-in process and enter the following information into their GotSport account prior to 5:00 pm June 8.

  1. Enter the Robbie Event Roster. Mandatory player information is required: name, date of birth, registration number and jersey number.
  2. Enter team officials (maximum four). Mandatory information required: name, email, phone number and registration number.
  3. Call-up players: Upload the current district/federation-approved Official Team Roster in which they appear.

Note: ANY roster change requests made after June 15th will be subject to a $50 fee and can only be done in person on June 19th at tournament headquarters by appointment only. Payment must be made in cash as credit card payments will not be accepted. No roster changes will be made after 8:00 pm June 20. No exceptions.

Failure to complete all steps may result in dismissal from the Tournament and forfeit of the team’s entire registration fee.

REMINDER: On game day, all teams must bring: Books/passes/cards for Team Officials and your district/federation-approved Official Team Roster

  • A team official or representative must check in the team 1-hour prior to the first game at the field. Team officials require a valid ID Card/Book. Players do not require registrant books/passes/cards. As per Ontario Soccer policies, only coaches/managers with valid ID Cards/Books are allowed to sit on the bench during a game. As such, if a team does not have at least one coach/manager with a valid ID Card/Book, the team will not be allowed to play. No refund will be given.
Teams Accepted: All Levels

The Robbie is the ONLY charitable festival/tournament sanctioned by Ontario Soccer. The Robbie Festival is open to Ontario Clubs and to Ontario Registered Academies (ORA).

  • The Robbie Festival is exempt from travel distance restrictions and does not count towards memorable event limits.
  • Please register your team in the appropriate level (Tier 1 GOLD – Tier 2 SILVER – Tier 3 BRONZE).
  • The Robbie will try to match teams of similar caliber but reserves the right to combine levels as required for scheduling purposes.
  • Girls may play on boys teams

Festival Fees



U9 & U10


U11 & U12


(Born in 2015)
Boys Sat. June 24
Girls Sun. June 25
5 vs 522 x minutes10
(Born in 2014)
Sun. June 257 vs 722 x 25 minutes12
(Born in 2013)
Sat. June 247 vs 722 x 25 minutes12
(Born in 2012)
Sat. June 249 vs 922 x 35 minutes16
(Born in 2011)
Sun. June 259 vs 922 x 35 minutes16

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