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Welcome To The Tournament

Meet The International Teams At The 2024 Robbie Tournament!

We’re thrilled to welcome some amazing international teams to this year’s Robbie International Soccer Tournament! We can’t wait to see the incredible talent on display! Be sure to explore the teams that are making waves this year.

Welcome To The tournament

SJEB FC Girls Academy

SJEB FC Girls Academy: Chasing Dreams and Kicking Goals at the 2024 Robbie International Soccer Tournament!

The SJEB FC Girls Academy team from New Jersey is not just a group of soccer players; they’re a squad of dedicated and passionate young ladies who have been dribbling and scoring together since their U8/U9 days. These soccer stars are currently shining bright, being ranked in the Top Ten in the USA for their age group!

Playing in the U13 division, these talented players look forward to an international adventure. They’re eagerly planning to head to the Gothia Cup in Sweden in the summer of 2026, where they’ll compete against top-tier teams from around the globe and make new friends along the way. It’s a dream come true for these rising stars.

A huge shoutout to the Robbie Tournament for welcoming the team and playing a pivotal role in turning their dreams into reality. Here’s to many more goals, victories, and unforgettable memories for the SJEB FC Girls Academy!

Welcome To The tournament

345 FC

345 FC: Cultivating Future Football Stars with Dutch Vision in the Cayman Islands, Ready to Shine in the U16 Boys Division at the Robbie Tournament.

Based in the Cayman Islands, 345 FC is a not-for-profit organisation run by professional coaches who deliver training inspired by the Dutch Football Vision. Our goal is to help children become skilled and creative decision makers on the field. We encourage our players to be creative, fast decision makers and to play at a high intensity. We are playing in the Robbie tournament to give our players an opportunity to play on an international platform to challenge themselves against strong opposition as well as develop their life skills away from the field.

Welcome To The tournament

Paradise FC

Paradise FC’s Rising Stars: U17 and U18 Champs Excel! Next Challenge: The Robbie Tournament!

“Paradise FC’s Talented U17 and U18 Players from Barbados Dominate the Field! Under the leadership of Coach Mark Braithwaite, they have triumphed in several competitions, including the prestigious 2023 Caribbean Children Charity Shield. Our motto: “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting it is!'”

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