Welcome to The Robbie!
Use this checklist to help when applying.

Robbie EventApplication DeadlineLast Date to Withdraw for Full RefundRoster Deadline
International Tournament
U13 - U18
May 15May 15June 15
Festival U8 – U12May 15May 15June 8

Participation Requirements:

1. Apply to Play
Review our Age Grid and specific divisions carefully to assure you enter the correct division:

a. If you apply to the wrong age group, you will not be guaranteed a spot in the Tournament unless there is room in the appropriate age group. If there is no room, the team will not be refunded after May 15. Please be sure to fill out the application properly.

b. U.S. teams note that ages for divisions are based on the calendar year, e.g., U-13 is January 1, 2010 or later.

c. Ontario U-12 teams may not play up in U-13.

Guest player maximum per Tournament team is 3. No guest players are allowed in The Festival. (Players from your club are not considered guests).

2. Make Payment
Registration fees are payable by credit card (Visa & MasterCard).

3. Approved Travel Permit
You must provide your approved travel permit to The Robbie before your team can be accepted.

Upload approved travel permit to your GotSport account.

4. United States and International Teams
By June 1, United States and International teams must upload the following documents to GotSport in order to be accepted into The Robbie:

      • Permission to travel issued by your state or national federation.
      • Evidence of medical insurance coverage for all players and team officials.
      • Confirmed accommodation information, including flight and hotel information.
      • Proof of visas, if required for entry into Canada from your country.

5. Complete Your Roster (June 8 for U8 – U12 / June 15 for U13 – U18)

      • Once your acceptance has been confirmed create your Team Roster through your team’s GotSport account. This applies to all teams U9 through U18. Use the same login information that you used to make your registration application.
      • Players on teams in the International Tournament are encouraged to complete their personal profiles in GotSport which can be viewed by thousands of university and college coaches.
      • Be sure that team officials (maximum 4) are all entered into GotSport for your team.

6. Current youth player books / cards / passes

      • Tournament teams (U13-U18) require books/cards/passes for all players and team officials (maximum of 4). These must be the original documents.
      • Festival teams (U8-U12) require books/cards/passes for all team officials (maximum of 4). These must be the original documents. Players do not require books/cards/passes.

7. Book Hotel / Lodging

2023 Booking Information – COMING SOON –

8. Game Sheets & Rosters:

Festival teams: U8 – U12 do not have to print their game sheets or rosters as they are pre-printed and provided to the field convenors.

Tournament teams: Game Sheets and rosters are pre-printed and provided to field convenors.

9. Team Registration

Robbie EventTeam Registration
International TournamentOn-line Checkin & on-field book/card check
FestivalTeam Registration at field, 1 hour prior to 1st game kick-off. A Team Official only to attend, Players NOT required.

You must bring with you:
1. Books/passes/cards for Team Officials

11. Know The Rules in advance.