Thank you to Teams Donating part of Refund

The Robbie would like to thank the teams that have chosen to donate a portion of their refund to the Robbie.

Since 1967 the Robbie has been donating proceeds from the annual Festival and International Tournament to Cystic Fibrosis Canada. To date almost $2-million has been donated.

CF is a genetic disorder affecting lungs making it difficult to breath and affecting the digestive system making it difficult for those living with CF to absorb sufficient nutrients.

About 10 years ago CF Canada established the Robbie Grant for Most Promising Area of New Research, an honour the Robbie is very proud of.
When the Robbie began almost no one born with CF lived long enough to start school. Now some 50+ years later the median survival age in Canada is the mid-50s. But CF is still ultimately a fatal disease.

Those who volunteer with the Robbie every year know that their efforts and the monies donated by the Robbie make a difference in the lives of individuals living with CF and for their families.